Webinar - Production Series: Part 1




Webinar Notes - Production Series #1

  • What is a Bill of Materials
  • What 'Cost' is used on the Bill of Materials?
  • Using Batch Sizes when entering Bill of Materials
  • Entering BOM components as percentages
  • Understanding Quantities in All Orders
  • BoM Steps are only necessary for keeping track of the different processes during the production of the product.
  • Steps all have Components associated to them individually.
  • BoM description can be entered for any info you want to include.
  • Item Editor -> Used As Unit of Measure is how you set the UOM for the particular components when used in a Work Order.
  • Production -> Bulk Update BOMs
    • Replace
      • Replace Components with other Components within some or all BOMs
      • Can Also search within all Open Work Orders
    • Add
      • Take any component and find a particular step
      • Choose the Component, select which Assemblies you want to add it to
    • Subtract
      • Similar to the Add function, but you're just removing a Component all together from the BOMs you choose
    • Copy BOM
      • Take any existing Assembly and copy it over into any other one to get a mirror image of the original
  • Item -> Revisions tab
    • You can create a BoM Revision which is a save of the current version of the BoM and you can revert between them
  • Preferences -> Work Orders -> Advanced
    • There is a preference to set it so that every time you edit a BoM it will create a Revision
  • Configurable Bill of Materials
    • Allows you to configure the BOM on the Sales Order
    • You use the Kit/Config Tab
    • You add Kit Components and set them to Variable
      • This is how you add multiple options for a specific Component
    • For optional Components you can set it as a Yes/No
      • Then it becomes an option they can either take or leave
  • Export / Import
    • You can create the BoM and then export it
    • Fill out the associated excel spreadsheet
    • Hop back over, go to File -> Import
  • Kits are a Sales Tool that help you do a build within the Sales Order, they don't have stock.
  • Assemblies do have stock and are a true Inventory Item that have tracking
  • Copy BOM is in the latest build
  • Phantom BOMs will be spoken about in one of our next webinars in the Production Series
  • Disassemblies will be spoken about in our next webinar in the Production Series as well


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