Sharing All Orders data with business intelligence and analytics systems

While All Orders allows for custom building and designing reports there may be certain reporting needs that the built in reporting engine is simply not designed to handle. This includes:

-Graphical charts and trends

-Pivoting data

-Sub reports

-Giving online access to reporting to tablets and smart phones

Various online business intelligence and analytics software providers have solutions that will allow you to connect the All Orders database to upload data to create reports in this fashion. All Orders uses a SQL Server database that can be made accessible to 3rd party, white listed systems. Once the connection is established specific data sets can be selected, such as the data sources used by various standard All Orders reports, and shared to create online dashboards and reporting. Some 3rd party systems that work with All Orders include:

Contact Numbercruncher support if guidance is needed on selecting a provider, finding which is the right data for you to share, or to allow the connection between your SQL Server and the 3rd party.