Moving REPORTS from one database to another within same sql instance

Please find attach a zip file with a utility that will allow you to move reports from one database to another database within the same sql server instance, in this case presumably 'allorders'.
Included in the zip are:
1) the utility itself
2) A video showing you how to run the utility

--------Please unzip both files into a new folder on the machine where AllOrders is intalled--------------------------------------------

run the utility AOReportMover.exe
As you will find on the video, the utility asks you first for you to enter
a) server/instance name
b) source database name (where the reports you want to transfer reside, presumably your "test" database name)
c) sql server administration username: sa
d) sql server administration password: Sysadmin1 or sysadmin if on MSDE (SQL 2000)
Then, on the next panel you will see a dropdown for you to select your reports and an input box for you to enter your DESTINATION database, presumably your "real" database name)
As you may see in the video you can select a report one at a time, press "process" then you will get a completion message indicating "operation completed" you can do this a number of times before exiting the utility for as many reports as you want to transfer