A QuickBooks company data file is already open and is different then the one requested


When attempting to communicate with QuickBooks (e.g. when syncing), you may get the following error message:

A QuickBooks company data file is already open and is different then the one requested or a Begin End Session error


The file path as opened by QuickBooks is different than the file path requested by All Orders.

E.g. QuickBooks file open as \\Server\MyFile.QBW (this is shown ctrl 1) and in All Orders as Q:\MyFile.QBW

1. In Quickbooks go to the File menu, Open Previous Companies and make a note of the EXACT path shown at the top. This is how Quickbooks is currently accessing your QBW data file.
2. Have all users log out of Quickbooks.
3. Open All Orders and go to the Company Menu, Preferences, Quickbooks SYnchronization, My Preferences tab.
4. Here browse for the QBW using the exact path noted in step 1. Save and close the preferences screen.
5. Open QB back up and try to synch.

If this does not work please try these steps:

See this tutorial

Resolution 2:
1. Go to Help - About and note the NCD file path.
2. Close All Orders.
3. Start - Programs - All Orders - Reset Setting
4. Start All Orders
5. Pick the NCD file
6. When prompted to locate the QB file thru a browsing window
Pick the QuickBooks file using the exact path as the one you used to open your QuickBooks file. e.g. if the path is \\server\ use the My Network Places or go to QB click on cntrl -1 and copy the file location from the product information screen into the All Orders browsing window

If you cannot do this copy because you are on win7 or Vista then create a mapped drive pointing to the QB folder holding the QB file and reopen QB using this mapped drive then do 1 thru 6 again and look for the mapped drive on the AllOrders screen asking you for the QB file