Crediting credit cards not linked to prior captures/sales using the Authorize .Net Payment Gateway

Authorize .Net accounts require special permission to be able to process an Unlinked Credit.

Per the Authorize .Net Website:

This transaction type is used to issue a refund for a transaction that was not originally
submitted through the payment gateway. It also enables the merchant to override
restrictions for submitting refunds for payment gateway transactions; for example, if the
merchant is beyond the 120-day period for submitting a refund or would like to refund an
amount that is greater than the original transaction amount.

The ability to submit unlinked credits is not a standard feature of a merchant’s payment
gateway account. To obtain the expanded credits capability (ECC), the merchant must
submit an application, which can be found at


If you are performing a refund in AllOrders via your selected Gateway and you receive the attached error message: ( see attachment)

" A Valid Reference Transaction ID is Required "

Please see attachment # 2. Checking this box in the preferences will Clear up the issue. If the Box is checked and you continue to have difficulty, please contact Numbercruncher Support at 866-278-6243 X 815 or