Quickbooks Sync Error : This Customer already has job information.

When trying to save a new sub customer in All Orders and have it sync over to Quickbooks you might get this error message. This indicates that at some point some job data has been entered into the top level customer. A top level customer cannot have both its own job data AND sub customers. This has to be fixed directly in Quickbooks before All Orders will be able to push the new sub customer into Quickbooks. Here are the steps.

In Quickbooks find the top level custom in question in the Customer Center/List.

Right click the customer and select Add Job.

You will have the option now to move the currently assigned job data out of the top level customer.

Once the screen open to create a new job you can cancel it. By selecting OK when prompted before Quickbooks moved the job data away from the top level customer and it can now have new sub customers created for it.