All Orders Capacity Planning

All Orders offer capacity planning where users can setup steps/process that take place during production, assign budgeted time for those steps/processes on BOMs and Work Orders, groups the different steps/processes into Production Centers with allotted weekly hours, and run reports to see the how the capacity of the production center is being used. Here is how to set it up! 

In All Orders go to the Lists menu, Profile Lists, Production, Steps. Here various steps/processes can be setup where production can take place. Each one will be tied to a location setup in the system. Once these are defines they can be added to the Bill of Materials of your assembly items along with the amount of time that step will take for that specific Bill of Materials by default. When creating a work order for the assembly the time can be changed to reflect a more accurate number for that particular work order. 

Once your steps are setup and assigned to BOMs/Work Orders go to the Lists menu, Profile Lists, Production, Production Centers. Here you can setup a new Production Center and specify how many hours per week that Production Center has available capacity for production. Then add the steps that will performed at that production center. A common example is to take a machine in the shop that has specific steps for production it performs and set it up as a production center and add all the related steps to that machine's Production Center. 

After your Production Centers are setup you are ready to run the Capacity report. You can find it under the Report menu, Work Orders / Disassemblies, Capacity Report. The report will let you know the breakdown of work orders in the system for the date range (by default it will be the previous week based on the work order due dates) for each production center and the capacity that is used and what is available. The due date filter can be changed to different weeks under the filters tab of the report. Expand it to more than a week to get 7 day averages for capacity and see for that date range what the average capacity used was and what the average available was. All Work Orders regardless of status will be included in the report as long as the due date falls in the date range. As soon as it is in the system the steps and their related times will be included with their respective production center in the reporting.