How to perform a Location Transfer

  This feature is used when a business operates from multiple locations. From time to time your company may need to transfer Inventory to and from locations. This is sort of like a Shipping doc only you are the sender and the recipient.
To Create a Location Transfer, select the Warehouse Menu and then select New Location Transfer. Another way of doing this is from your company home screen, Select Location Transfer.
First step is to choose the Location you are shipping from. After that is selected you can now select the location you are shipping to. You can use the “Activate From” and “Activate To” to specify a location for entering Item specific info, such as bins or lot/serial #.
You can now select the items you will be transferring; you must enter in an accurate quantity amount. Only those items in stock will appear in the drop down list.
Next, select your shipping method, a ship doc (if applicable), Number of packages, and the total weight.
Just one more step before we can save this location transfer, you must put in the transaction date (if other than today).
After those steps are complete, you can now finish by clicking the save button. You can print the transfer log or email it.