How to create a System DSN / ODBC Connection for Microsoft SQL Server

The article details how to setup an ODBC connection to the AllOrders database. This must be setup on the computer where you installed the AllOrders SQL Server.

1. Start Windows Administrative Tools (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Switch to Classic View to get a list of all Control Panel options)

2. Click on Data Sources (ODBC)

3. Click on the System DSN tab

4. Click Add…

5. Select the SQL Server driver (usually near the bottom) and click Finish.

6. Enter a Name I.e., AllOrders

7. Enter a short description I.e., AllOrders DB Connection

8. Select the ALLORDERS server. It will begin with the name of the server and end with \ALLORDERS. You may see more than one server listed ending with \ALLORDERS to be sure to select the one beginning with the name of the computer that you are currently setting up as the server. If you do not see a listing that matches [SERVERNAME]\ALLORDERS you can try manually typing it in.

9. Click Next

10. Select "With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user".

11. Checkmark Connect to SQL: Server to obtain default settings fro the additional configuration options.

12. Enter sa as the Login ID

13. Enter Sysadmin1 as the password . Note that the user name and password supplied here are the defaults used by All Orders. If your IT department changed the login for security purposes be sure to get the correct credentials before continuing.

14. Click Next

15. Click Next again

16. Click Finish

17. Click on Test Data Source… If you get a message that says that the “TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!”, then you are finished!