Importing orders from QuickBooks

All Orders was designed so that quotes, sales orders and purchase orders originate and are processed through All Orders and by default these are not imported from QuickBooks during synchronization.   All Orders offers an import feature to import Estimates, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders from QuickBooks into All Orders.  You would use this features:

  1. When converting to All Orders if you have open estimates, sales orders and purchase orders in QuickBooks that you now want to process through All Orders.

  2. Your sales staff or web site create sales orders in QuickBooks but you want to process them through All Orders.

You import choosing File > Import > QuickBooks and then selecting one of the three available transaction types:

Regardless of the transaction type you select, the resulting dialog will look almost exactly like this:

You can limit the import either by date, or by the transaction's document number (in the above example, the Sales Order number). You can enter multiple document numbers by separating them with commas.   If you want to import the ship-to address from the sales order then select the field in All Orders you want to use as the title.

Then, you'll select the action to be taken within QB. You can specify one of the following:

  • No Action. Nothing happens to the transaction within QB.

  • Delete SOs from QB after Import. After a successful import, the transactions in question disappear from QB.

  • Set SOs to cleared after Import. Closes out the transactions in question after successfully importing them into All Orders.