Updating C.R.M

To update your already existing CRM installation:

Please make sure that the following steps are performed on the machine where the CRM is being hosted ( typically the server)

Download the file from out FTP site:

1.From the start menu click Computer or My Computer. In the address bar type in:


When prompted enter the following user name and password:

Username: ftpuser
Password: nccustomer

2. Once the window opens, click into the "Customer Files" folder and locate the "AOW-CRM Installer"

3. Drag it onto your desktop or into a local folder of your choice
To install:

1. backup All Orders by logging in as ADMIN--> go to FILE-->BACKUP
2. unzip the file
3. double click to run the installer.
4. Let the installer finish and click DONE when it lights up.

If you have any trouble or need assistance with the update, please contact support@numbercruncher.com or call 866-278-6243 X815