Invalid File Name error when opening All Orders

This error occurs when All Orders is trying to open the last file that was opened but is unable to.

There are a few possible causes for this.

-If you have not opened All Orders since you have logged into Windows some of your mapped drives may not have reconnected, specifically the one where the All Orders .NCD file is located. You can find the exact folder if you are not sure by clicking OK, so the error message goes away, and then going to the Help menu, About. This should show you where the last opened file is located. Open file explorer in Windows and browse into the folder where the file is located to reconnect the mapped drive. Now close and open All Orders and a log in box should appear. 

-If the .NCD file was moved click OK to make the error message dissapear and then click the File menu, Open Company to browse for and select the .NCD file in its ew location.

-If the file was deleted a new file may need to be created. Consult NumberCruncher support for help creating a new file.