Using FedEx Ship Manager with All Orders

Using FedEx Ship Manager with All Orders

On the machine having your FedEx Ship Manager please perform the following steps.


Click the Start Menu.

Click Settings/Control Panel.

Double click ODBC data sources icon (found under Administrative Tool in Windows XP) to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Click on the System DSN tab.

Click the Add button.

Select SQL Server from the list of drivers and click Finish.

For Name enter AllOrders and Select the server that contains your All Orders database e.g. SERVER\ALLORDERS then click Next>

Click Next > to accept Windows NT authentication

Change the default database from 'master' to the name of your MDF file and click Next >

Click Finished


Start FedEx Ship Manager

Click Integration, then click Continue twice

Select Import and click Continue

Select ODBC and AllOrders then click Continue

On 'How will you create shipping labels', select 'Yes' for all questions and click Continue

On 'How do you want to lookup and import information', select 'After I enter a lookup value' then click Continue

On What type of information you want to Import click Recipient and select:

Address 1

Address 2



Contact Name



Postal Code

State / Province



Click OK and then Continue

In 'Match FedEx Ship Manager', select qryShippingAddresses and ma them to the Recipient Fields as follows:

Address 1 - Addr2

Address 2 - Addr3

City - City

Company - CompanyName

Contact Name - Contact

Country - Country

Phone - Phone

Postal Code - Zip

State / Province - State

ID - NCRef


Click Select Index then highlight NCRef then click OK

Click Continue

Click Continue

In 'Where do you want to send shipping information' select AllOrders the click Continue

In 'How will your data source receive exported information', under When select 'Each time a shipment is completed' and under 'How' select 'Insert a new record' then click 'Continue'

Under 'What type of information do you want to export select All Fields and then select

Tracking Number


Recipient ID

Gross Charge

Press OK then Continue

For the table select tblShippingPackages and Map as follows

Tracking Number - TrackingNo

Customer Rate/Net Charges - Cost

Weight - Weight

ID - NCRef


Click Continue

Click Finish

Save the Profile as AllOrders

When you do your next shipment you will see a little pop-up box called Lookup enter Shipping-X where x is the ship doc #. When the shipment is saved, the tracking number will be imported into the ship doc within All Orders.