Using Enhanced Inventory Receiving in Quickbooks with All Orders

Without Enhanced Receiving, the Item Receipt and Bill in Quickbooks are one transaction and an item receipt is simply changed into a bill once the bill is received. Using the new enhanced receiving, the item receipt and bill become separate transactions in Quickbooks with the item receipt strictly being for recording inventory quantities coming in and the bill being only for taking care of Accounts Payable. Each one can be created independent from the other so if you want to record quantities before getting the bill or pay before receiving items you can enter either first. In addition, once a bill is received, if it is different from the item receipt you will still have a record of the item receipt since it will not simply be changed into a bill.

If an All Orders user wants to turn on enhanced receiving they must:

-Specify that all receiving docs created in All Order be sent to Quickbooks as Item Receipts since this is where the inventory quantities will be recorded.

-Understand that if they undo an Item Receipt from All Orders for which a Bill has already been created in Quickbooks, if the Item Receipt is recreated from All Orders the Bill may need to be reapplied (if possible) or deleted and recreated from the new Item Receipt. All Orders will not make any changes to the Bill.