There was an error when composing an address in "". QuickBooks error message: There is not enough address lines to compose the address. Please rearrange the individual fields, so that they can fit in the 5-lines block.

While Quickbooks has many fields for the address you cannnot use them all. Between all of the fields you use on the address it can only span 5 lines.

Here is where the lines would potentially go:

City, State, Zip

As you can see we have the ability to enter a total of 7 lines for this address but Quickbooks limits it to 5 total. Quickbooks has some complex rules when it comes to the addresses and sometimes it is not so clear why one address is accepted and another is not and there is very little we can do except display the error it returns to us. In a case like this edit the address directly in Quickbooks. You will see what they will allow you to enter and what not to enter. be careful thought because they will not even give you an error message if you enter something they do not like. Quickbooks will just delete it if it does not like it. Once you have it setup as close to what you want as possible, do a sync and it will bring over the changes you made to the address in Quickbooks over to All Orders.

Clearing out the Notes address field in Quickbooks should also help. We do not sync that with All Orders and it will free up another line that you an use for your address information. Plus there are additional fields in All Orders you can use to put what is currently in the Notes field.
Applies To
All Orders 6.x