Non US Customer Tax Settings Not Visible

This issue is caused by some Quickbooks files not sending the correct tax settings to All Orders. You can fix it by following these instructions:

1. Have everyone log out of All Orders.

2. Log into All Orders as the admin and then click on the File menu and click Backup. Once it is finished continue.

3. As the Admin, go to file -> maintain -> advanced -> run db cmd

4. Copy the following script to the white screen opened:

if (select top 1 preferencevalue from CompanyPreference where PreferenceName='UseCustTaxCodes') is null begin
insert into companypreference (PreferenceName, PreferenceValue) values ('UseCustTaxCodes','1')
end else begin
update companypreference set preferencevalue='1' where preferencename='UseCustTaxCodes'

5. Press Run, then after "operation complete" click ok, then close
and reopen AllOrders