What is a Rerecord?

The ledger data is based on all of the documents that are entered into the system. Sometimes when users go back and edit or delete documents in the past it creates discrepancies in the ledger and instead of attempting to fix them on the spot, which would interrupt the user getting work done and take time to complete, we leave the discrepancy as is and offer a re record function for fixing those discrepancies. When the ledger data is re recorded we will delete all entries from the as of date that is chosen and then recreate them based on all the documents entered, verifying that the data reflects the latest versions of the document as they stand in the system. The only thing to really be concerned with is that depending on how far back you go and how much data you have it may take time for the process to complete. We generally recommend doing it overnight or over a weekend. We always take an auto backup before beginning the process in case of any issue that arises.