Initial Synchronization

During the creation of the company file  an initial synchronization occurred.   During this initial synchronization all the active items, customers, vendors, price levels as well as what All Orders calls profile lists (accounts, types, terms, shipping methods, classes etc.) where imported into All Orders.   For example, from the main menu click List --> Items and you will see the relevant items that All Orders has imported.    All Orders will not import the unit of measure list, item groups or locations from QuickBooks.  View what information is shared with QuickBooks for a details on the lists All Orders synchronizes with QuickBooks.

Also, created within All Orders was a quantity adjustment to reflect the quantity on hand within All Orders.  To see this adjustment, from the Main Menu click Lists --> Quantity Adjustments and double click Doc No 1.    

It is important to note that All Orders does not import historical transactions.  You could however import open purchase orders and sales orders; from the Main Menu click File --> Import --> QuickBooks.   If you want to import historical invoices, please contact NumberCruncher technical support for assistance.