What 'Cost' is used on the Bill of Materials?

NumberCruncher uses Cost as Entered or Vendor Cost for the FIFO cost of the 'Quantity Per' on the bill of materials.

When you create an item in QuickBooks without an opening value and quantity, QuickBooks uses the Cost field as the average cost. As you receive the item through a 'Bill' the average cost will change accordingly.

Editing the Cost field of an inventory item after it has been created will not change the average cost. To change the average cost and an item that has no quantity without receiving it through a Bill please do the following within QuickBooks.

1. Vendors --> Inventory Activities --> Adjust Quantity / Value on Hand

2. Check 'Value Adjustment'

3. Select an Expense account (e.g. Miscellaneous)

4. For the item in question, under New Qty enter 1

5. For the item in question, under New Value enter the cost of the Item

6. Press Save & New

7. Select the Expense account selected in 3 above

8. For the item in question, under New Qty enter 0

9.Press Save & Close

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