Reorder Points being deleted or overwritten

This is a known issue that occurs due to Quickbooks adding a new Max Quantity field to the items and filling in a value of 0 instead of leaving it blank. To fix this issue all the max quantities for items in Quickbooks must be reset to be blank instead of 0. To do this please use the add/edit multiple list entries by updating each item's min and deleting the max. 

Another option is to no longer send reorder points/max quantities to Quickbooks. Most All Orders users only need this information in All Orders and only when trying to send it to Quickbooks does this error occur.

To no longer send that data to Quickbooks you will need to run the following script:

1. Open All Orders as the admin user

2. Go to File menu>Maintain>Advanced tab>Run DB command and copy and paste in the script below and run it. Close and open All Orders for the new changes to take effect. 

delete from companypreference where preferencename in ('SyncReorderPoints','SyncMaxQty'); 
insert into companypreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('SyncReorderPoints','0'); 
insert into companypreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('SyncMaxQty','0'); 
delete from QBXMLTag where FieldName = 'ReorderPoint';