Setting up Auto Sync for All Orders

Here is a link to download the new utility to auto sync on the server.

Here are the instructions.

Once you have it placed where you want it, open the config file and put in you AO admin user name and password.

Once that is done open Control Panel and then Scheduled Tasks. Here you can create new tasks to run the auto syncat whatever times you want and to sync whatever entities you want.

Click to add a new task, go through the wizard (be sure to browse for the .exe file when it asks what application you want to run), setup the schedule etc...

Once finish, right click on the task andhit properties. Here you the Run command which you can edit. Mine looks like this:

"C:\Dev\Custom Projects\SelectiveSync\AOAutoSync.exe"

We want to add arguments to the end of the command to tell it what we want it to sync. Here are the options:

100 Company
600 Vendor
800 Account
2040 Customer
2030 SalesRep
200 Term
400 ShipMethod
900 ItemInventory
500 Class
220 SalesTaxCode
910 ItemInventory
920 ItemInventory
930 ItemInventory
940 ItemDiscount
950 ItemSalesTax
960 ItemPayment
230 PaymentMethod
970 ItemSubtotal
980 ItemGroups
990 ItemSalesTax
1900 CustomerType
590 VendorType
1850 tblPriceLevel
580 Currency
221 SalesTaxCode
935 ItemInventory
205 Term

Arguments that need to be added to the task: 100,600,800,2040,2030,200,400,900,500,220,910,920,930,940,950,960,230,970,980,990,1900,590,580,221,935,205

The Company must be included on every sync. Here is an example of how I would modify my Run command to synconly customers:

"C:\Dev\Custom Projects\SelectiveSync\AOAutoSync.exe" 100,2040

You can setup as many tasks as you like to performs whatever types of syncs you want. A log will be generated in the same directory as the .exe for you to see any messages returned by the sync tool.