Home Screen

The Home Page

The All Orders Home screen is a special launch screen that serves as a handy one-stop collection of all the most often-accessed lists and forms. There are two sections of note. The first is a quadrant that represents the four aspects of running an inventory-based business: sales, purchasing, production, and warehousing:

As you can see, the icons in the grid imply a certain work flow. In addition to the larger icons on the grid, which lead to data entry forms, you can click the smaller icons to search for information in All Orders' various lookup tables (Lists).

Additionally, to right of this quadrant is a section where more general-use commands are accessible:

While all these commands are available from the various menus, the Home Page provides a high level overview of the entire range of All Orders functionality.

You can set All Orders to launch the Home Page automatically on startup by choosing Company > Preferences, and then in the General category, click the My Preferences tab, and click the Show Home page when opening a company file checkbox.