Unknown error when sending a Europian customer to Quickbooks

This is a known issue bug with some versions of Quickbooks Canada/UK such as 2014. It is due to a new requirement in Quickbooks where customers must now have a Sales Tax Country assigned to them under the VAT settings. However, since 3rd party applications such as All Orders are not allowed to assign Sales Tax Countries there are limited options for creating new customers outside of Quickbooks.

Due to it being a bug on the Quickbooks side we have been forced to work around it. Currently there are two methods to work around the error.

Method 1

First create the customer in Quickbooks and then sync in All Orders to bring the customer in. The customer can then be edited in All Orders as normal.

Method 2

We have found that some Quickbooks files do allow 3rd party applications to assign Sales Tax Countries but have found no reason why it works with some and not with others. To test whether you can open All Orders as the administrator, go to the file menu, maintain, advanced tab, run db command, and paste in and run the following script:

delete from CompanyPreference where PreferenceName='ShowTaxCountryInfo'
insert into CompanyPreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('ShowTaxCountryInfo','1')

After it has run close and open All Orders. Try to add a new customer and you will see a new entry box for Sales Tax Country. Try and enter a country, such as Ireland, United Kingdom or Australia and then save the customer. Depending on the country you may need to enter a registration # in the Tax Registration Number field or the Resale Number field. If you continue to get an error message you will have to use the first method until a Quickbooks update resolve the issue.