"Error 549 unable to return object".


This is actually an error being caused by a problem in QB. The way that we work with QB is that we send a request over to QB and QB processes that request and sends us a response that the request has been processed which in turn allows us to close out the document in AllOrders.If we do not receive a good response from QB, we dont know that the document actually made its way into QB or not which is what triggers this error.


To Troubleshoot: Have this user go to another Workstation and log into both AllOrders and Quickbooks with the same users that were having problems on the other machine. If they are able to post the document from this new machine without any problem, then we suggest uninstalling and reinstalling QB on the machine that is having trouble. If they come across the same error message on this nre machine then there is an issue with the user. In this case, we suggest renaming and making that user inactive and creating an new user.