How does the New Quantity Count work?

The New Qty Count, located under the Warehouse menu, will list all of the items that have current quantity on hand for a specific location. It will list the quantity for each item, bin, and lot and serial number. You can print this list called the Count Worksheet. Note: the Current Quantity is based on the Count Date, and does not change or update if transactions have been processed after the Count Sheet has been saved. Therefore, when you are ready to do the actual inventory count, then create the Count.

When you are performing the count, you will add the new counted quantity on hand in its column, and All Orders will calculate the difference to be adjusted. See solution "Why is the quantity on the Count/Adjustment different than the Item List" to understand quantity on hand.

If an item is not listed on this sheet, that means that there is 0 quantity on hand for that item in AO. To add the item, click on Activities and Add Item. Once you are finished your count, click on Activities and Finalize. This will create a Quantity Adjustment that will update the AO inventory, then you can send the transaction to QB. The Count is only a tool to assist with the inventory count, it does not change the actual count. You must Finalize to create the quantity adjustment.