AO Web - Fix Date On Reports

To change the Date in your AO Web report, take the following steps:

In AO:
1. Open the report
2. Click on the Date field in the Modify Design screen
3. Select the Property List icon
4. Click on the Output Format field
5. Click on the little box with 3 dots to open the Output Properties box.
6. Select Date
7. Choose your format
8. Press OK.
9. Now you will see the date format, for example mm/dd/yy.
10. Change both "m"s to M (Capital M), save and export the report again to AO Web.

In general, the AO Web Report Date formats differ slightly from AO Report Date Formats.


dddd, MMMM d, yyyy = Saturday, December 25, 2004
dd/MM/yyyy = 25/12/2004
d or dd = day in number format
ddd = day in short string format (i.e. Sat for Saturday)
dddd = day in string format (i.e. Saturday)
MM = month in number format
MMM = month in short string format (i.e. Dec for December)
MMMM = month in string format (i.e. December)
y or yy = year in two digit format (i.e. 04 for 2004)
yyyy or yyyy = year in four digit format (i.e. 2004)