Access Violation Error when shipping from ShipRush

When processing shipments from shiprush you may receive error Access violation at address 17F9AD34 in module 'ZRush_ShipRush9.ocx.'


After running the script, please log out and log back in to AO and trying shipping again.


1. Login to All Orders as Admin
2. In All Orders do File - Maintain
3. Click the 'Advanced' Tab
4. Press the 'Run DB Command' button
5. Cut and paste the following into the box

delete from companypreference where preferencename='DisconnectFromShipRushAfterShipping'

insert into companypreference (preferencename,preferencevalue) values ('DisconnectFromShipRushAfterShipping','1')

6. Press the 'Run' button
7. You will get a message 'Command completed successfully'
8. X out of the window
9. Close file Maintenance window

Should you get a message other than 'Command completed successfully' please report it to us.