Shipping from multiple locations

At order time you may not know from which location you will ship a particular order.   To handle this scenario, when creating the sales order leave the 'Ship From Location' blank.


For this example I entered an order quantity of 7 on sales order # 317.


However on the item info for this item shows Available quantity of 5 in HQ and 4 in Store.



At this point you have 2 choices:

  1. Create 1 ship doc from a single location and leave the unshipped quantity on back order.  This you can do by simply selecting a location in the 'Ship From Location'

  2. Create 2 ship docs one from each location.


If you leave the Ship From Location blank, when you press Fill instead of a Ship Doc, you will see the Batch Shipping List.   This tool allows you to ship multiple sales orders and create multiple ship docs from a single screen.

In this case you will be shipping a single sales order but from two locations thereby creating 2 ship docs.



On the top part of the Batch Shipping screen, you will see the sales order (blue lined).  As mentioned previously, this screen can be used to ship multiple orders but we will discuss this in another topic.

Above the items, there is a check box which when clicked allows you to edit the item quantities.   


I decided to change the 'Allocated' (red circle) so that 4 will ship from Store and the remaining from HQ (i.e. 3).    Then to generate the ship docs, I clicked the 'Process button'

After a few seconds, you will see a Batch Shipping List with the Ship Docs created.  You can print both Ship Docs at the same time.