Making Locations/Bins Unavailable

If you need to make a Location/Bin unavailable this is possible.

1.Log into All Orders as the admin ( or a user with permission to change locations)


3. Open the Location that needs to be made Unavailable

     a. If you are making the entire location Unavailable then UNCHECK " count location as        




     b. If you just need to make a specific bin in that location Unavailable- select the BIN tab and

        Uncheck the available box for that specific bin.


**Please remember that if there is any Qty in that location/Bin when it becomes Unavailable the Qty will also become Unavailable.


4. If your company utilizes WO's, Please be sure and take a look at COMPANY-PREFERENCES-

   WORK ORDERS  and decide if you want to include Qty from an unavailable location/bin when

   allocating components