Why are my Previous YTD totals incorrect?

In All Orders, our Previous YTD is based on a date range starting at the beginning of the previous year up until the current day and month of the previous year. So as an example, if today is 1/15/2019 then by default the Previous YTD would be calculated based on the date range 1/1/2018 to 1/15/2018.

If you want to change the Previous YTD to be based on the entire previous year please see the below instructions.


1. Login to All Orders as Admin
2. In All Orders do File - Maintain
3. Click the 'Advanced' Tab
4. Press the 'Run DB Command' button
5. Cut and paste the following into the box

delete from companypreference where PreferenceName='PrevYTDWholeYear';
insert into CompanyPreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('PrevYTDWholeYear','1');
6. Press the 'Run' button
7. You will get a message 'Command completed successfully'
8. X out of the window
9. Close file Maintenance window