The integrated application has no permission to access personal data


When syncing a customer or sales order payment you may receive the this error message.


This will occur when you do not allow All Orders to share personal data or credit card information and you updated to version 6.1.50 or later.


In version 6.1.50 we added a preference which controls whether or not All orders will attempt to sync credit card information. By default this preference is set to TRUE. In order to set this preference to FALSE, open the Preferences -- > QuickBooks Synchronization. Click on the payments tab and UNCHECK 'Synchronize customer credit card data. The click OK.

If you want to synchronize credit card data with All Orders then do the following

1. Log in to QuickBooks as admin in single user mode
2. From the main menu select Edit -- Preferences and click on 'Integrated applications'.
3. Highlight All Orders by NumberCruncher (if you see more than one, then repeat the next steps)
4. Click Properties
5. CHECK ' Allow this application to access SSN, customer credit card information and other personal data.