Sync Queue

Lists (i.e. customer) or transactions (i.e. ship doc) when add or changed in All Orders will update QuickBooks in real-time or be added to Sync Queue.   The Sync Queue is a temporary holding place for pending updated to QuickBooks.    A record will be added to the Sync Queue when:

  1. The user is not connected to QuickBooks and he or she does something that effects QuickBooks.   (Note: you make a user not connected to QuickBooks in Managing Users.)

  2. The user is connected to QuickBooks and there are records already in the Sync Queue.  


You can review the records in the Sync Queue using the Sync Queue Manager; Company Menu --> Synchronize QuickBooks --> Sync Queue Manager.


The example shown below indicates that during the next synchronization an item will be added and shipping document 1763 will be recorded as an invoice.    The delete button does not delete the underlying record rather it removes it from the Sync Queue.