Database Failed To Backup After Update

All Orders has a built in function to backup your database every time an upgrade to the software is done. In the event that any issue arises with the new version of the software this will ensure an up to date backup is ready to be restored if needed.

If you get an error opening the new version telling you that the database failed to backup there could be a few reasons this might happen. The most likely reason is that there is some type of Windows permission/security issue preventing the file from backing up. Here are a few steps you can try taking to work around the message.

-Try opening the update on the server, or whichever machine the All Orders SQL Server database is stored on. Sometimes when a workstation that is not where the database is stored tries to backup it is prevented from doing so.

-Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Scroll down the list and you should find an entry named "SQL Server (ALLORDERS)". Sometimes the ALLORDERS might not be the exact name of it, it may have the year in it as well such as ALLORDER2012 for example. Once you find the entry double click it to open the properties, click on the Log On tab and select option for Local System. Then switch to the General tab and click the Stop button, let the service stop and then click the Start button to start it up again. Save and close and open All Orders and see if the backup can be performed successfully.

-If you are unable to get the backup working you might want to contact your local IT or Numbercruncher support. There is also an option to remove the function whereby backups are automatically taken each time an upgrade is done. To remove this setting open All Orders as the admin, go to the File menu, Maintain, Advanced tab, Run DB Command and copy and paste in the following script:

insert into CompanyPreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('SkipBackupOnUpdate','1');

-If at any time you want to put the function back on run this following script in the same way and next time you upgrade it will try and backup the database again.

delete from CompanyPreference where PreferenceName='SkipBackupOnUpdate';