Error Message - "Cannot Start QuickBooks"

This error message indicates that All Orders is having trouble connecting to Quickbooks to transfer data back and forth. Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

-Make sure you have Quickbooks running with the correct company file open. In general it is good for Quickbooks to be opened through some type of mapped drive. You can see the path to the file currently open by going to the file menu in Quickbooks and then selecting to Open Previous Company. The top file in the list is the one that is currently open.

-There is a possibility that All Orders is trying to communicate with the wrong Quickbooks file. To reset which file it should be talking to go to the Company menu, Preferences, Quickbooks preferences, and then User Preferences (if not already there). Make sure the Quickbooks file listed there is the same as the one that is open when you check in Quickbooks. It should match exactly including the full path to the file. If it DOES NOT match, then you must have ALL USERS log out of QuickBooks-->then in AllOrders go to Company menu, Preferences, Quickbooks preferences, and then User Preferences--> using the browse button locate the Quickbooks file via the same path as the physical QB file uses--> reopen QB and try to sync.

-Log into Quickbooks as the admin and go into single user mode. Open the preferences from the Edit menu and then select the Integrated Application preferences. This is where you will find a list of all 3rd party applications that have been setup to communicate with Quickbooks. Remove any listings that have been setup to allow All Orders access. At times the settings can get messed up within Quickbooks and removing them completely will allow All Orders to create a fresh set which work properly. Once all listings are removed save and close and try to have All Orders communicate with Quickbooks again.

-Sometime a version of Quickbooks will require the 3rd party to try and connect in an way that is not normally recommended but in this case will be required. To see if this is the case, open All Orders as the admin, go to the file menu, maintain, advanced tab, run db command, and paste in the following commands:
delete from CompanyPreference where PreferenceName='DoNotPassQBFile'
insert into CompanyPreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('DoNotPassQBFile','1')
Once it is done close All Orders and re open and try to connect with Quickbooks again and see if the error persists.

-There could be a Windows Permissions issue with the folder where the Quickbooks file is located or with the file itself. Full rights can be granted to the Everyone user temporarily to see if that is in fact the issue by trying to communicate with Quickbooks while the privilege is allowed. Once determined please consult with your Network Administrator to ensure the correct permissions are set. If you are running on Windows Vista or later and UAC is turned on make sure All Orders is running in Windows XP compatibility mode.

-If All Orders or Quickbooks are being running under administrator mode it could be causing the issue. Try tuning off the Windows User Access Control (UAC) to see if it resolves the issue. Be sure to reboot after turning it off before trying to sync. Here are instructions on how to turn it off:

You can also check the AllOrders6.exe file in the program files folder by right clicking and going to Properties, Compatibility and making sure it is not being run as Administrator.

-If you have multiple versions of QuickBooks (e.g. Canadian and US version) installed this has been known to cause issues. All versions should be uninstalled and the Intuit common files directory (generally located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit) should be deleted. Once this is done only the currently used version of QuickBooks should be reinstalled on the machine.

-If all else fails users for this machine can be setup to be disconnected from Quickbooks ensuring that All Orders will not be required to communicate with Quickbooks on the machine. Other users whom are connected will then sync the disconnected user’s changes into Quickbooks.