Control number of labels - Advanced.

Recently we have been asked if you can control the number of labels that print. Currently in the Label Setup (double-click on the label's name), you have Repeat Labels = false which prints only one and Repeat Labels = true which prints, say the quantity on a receiving document. But what if the user wants more control.

The field that actually tells the system how many labels to print when repeat = true is the DateFilterField in refReports.

What can be done is to change this field. E.g. on a receiver for Items Received without Serial

1. Create BItemCust1 (custom field) to hold number of labels. BItemCust1 is located under the Custom Field Type Receive Items Items. The Caption can be, i.e. Label Count and the Type is Quantity.
2. You then need to run the following script. In the menu File, Maintain, Advanced tab, RunDB Command, copy the script below and press Run:

UPDATE [refReports]
[DateFilterField] = 'BItemCust1'

WHERE [ReportText]='Items Received without Serial No'

3. On each line, of the Receiving Doc, the user MUST enter a value otherwise an error would occur.