Setting up All Order to export reports to All Orders Web

In order for All Orders Web to be able to run forms/reports from the main All Orders system they must first be exported to the docs\templates folder that is inside the All Order Web folder. Once a report is exported it should not have to be done again unless the design of the report changes and you want All Orders Web to have those changes.

The first step is to determine the path that will be used to export the template to All Orders Web. If installed in the default location you will typically find the folder where the reports templates will go on the machine that is running All Orders Web here:


If the main All Orders system is installed on the same machine running All Orders Web then it is sufficient to locate this folder local to the machine and make a note of its path. You will be restricted to only exporting the report templates on this same machine though.

If users on workstations will need to be able to export report templates then the templates folder will need to be shared on the network and then assigned a mapped drive that is the same on each workstation. For example, if I share the C:\Inetpub\aoweb\docs\templates folder on the server I would then go to a workstation and create a mapped drive for that shared folder. If it were the letter R my export path would be:


Once you have this path, open the main All Orders system as admin and go to the File menu, Maintain, Advanced Tab, Run DB Command and copy and paste the script from below replacing the path shown with your valid export path. It is possible that they will be the same.

delete from CompanyPreference where PreferenceName='ReportRPXPath';
insert into CompanyPreference (PreferenceName,PreferenceValue) values ('ReportRPXPath','C:\Inetpub\aoweb\docs\templates');

Once this is complete run the form/report you want to export and click the drop down arrow next to the export report button (leftmost button above the report) and click AO Web to export the report.