Synching Transactions to QB

Here is a list of all of the transaction screens that will sync to QB:

Ship Docs
Receiving Docs
Work Orders
Customer Returns
Vendor Returns
Quantity Adjustments
Value Adjustments

ALL transactions can be synched to QB using the following options:

1. Manually send it from the Transaction, i.e. "Invoice" button from Ship Doc and "Send to QB" button from Adjustments.

2. The "Record Selected Items in QB" option from the Transaction Lists screen. This allows you to check the transactions from the list you want to sync as a batch. The transaction screens that can sync are listed above.

3. The Company Preferences under QB Synch, checking "Send unsent transactions to QB when synching." This option you do not have control over what is sent. All transactions will be sent to QB this way.

Option 1 syncs one transaction at a time. Option 2 allows you to send multiple transactions at once. Option 3 sends ALL TRANSACTIONS at once during the sync.