Settings up Gmail In All Orders

To send emails directly from All Orders using any GMail/Google email account follow these steps:

-Open All Order as the user that is going to be sending the email.

-Go to the Company menu and click Preferences.

-Select the Email preferences in the list of preferences on the left side of the screen and make sure the box to use Outlook is unchecked. Then enter the following settings:

User: Your email address
Password: Your Google mail account password
Port: 465
Use SSL Checkbox: Checked

Now you can test your setting before saving and close.

If you continue to get errors it is possible that you need to lower your GMail security settings to allow All Orders to send email. Here is the link to turn access to less secure applications on:

In addition please note that any of our web based products, such as All Orders Web or All Orders CRM will require 587 to be the port.