All Orders Solidworks Integration

All Order can now integrate with Solidworks!

Using the propriety drawing files created by Solidworks, All Orders can now populate Bill of Material components and attributes without users having to manually update them in All Orders. Simply browse for and select the BOM's corresponding drawing file and All Orders will do the rest!

Here is how it works. On a machine where All Orders and Solidworks are both installed, All Orders is able to read a Solidworks drawing and generate a new Bill of Material based on it. In All Orders open an assembly or start creating a new one and then under the Bill of Material tab click the Edit Bill of Materials button. You will see in the toolbar at the top of the new screen is a Solidworks button. Click it to browse for the related drawing file. Once selected, All Orders will open the drawing for importing the components. All Orders will begin by searching for a BoM feature within the set of features contained in the drawing. Once it finds a BoM feature it will begin cycling through the Table Annotations for the feature. There should be a notation named VENDOR_PN which All Orders will look for to determine the item name of the component. If All Orders finds that item in its item list it will add it as a component to the BoM and will then look for a notation named QTY for the quantity of that components that is needed for the BoM. While this is the built in mapping All Orders does between the drawing and the assembly BoM, custom mapping can be setup as well.

Due to the nature of Solidworks drawings, each integration may require custom field mapping between the attributes of the Solidworks drawing and the All Orders BOM. Contact our sales team today to find out more!