How to Add Fees to a Sales Order

If you want to add an additional Percentage based Fee to a Sales Order here are the steps:


1. You must first turn on the option. Log into AllOrders as the admin. 

   Go to COMPANY-->PREFERENCES-->SALES ORDERS-->Company Preference tab--> FEATURES tab

   Check the box to " Enable Percentage based additional fees"


2. Create a new Item Group ( Other Charge Group) called Fees ( or any other name that you choose)

    *** Make sure to check the box that says " is additional fees" ( this will make the options appear in the  

        special field at the bottom of a SO)



3.  Now create an item and add it to that new Item Group.

  *** note** this is a Percentage not an amount



4. When you create a new Sales Order, you can now add that Fee Item on the bottom of the Order.