Why are inventory quantities negative?


From time to time you may notice that your inventory quantities are negative. The following are several reasons this may occur:

1. For finished goods you produce or sell, invoicing an item with 0 quantity or before the status of awork order is changed to 'Finished'.

2. For components, changing status to Finished when the component status is 'Out of stock' or 'OnOrder'.

3. Your opening inventory is negative.

How to avoid this problem:

1. Make sure your opening inventory values are correct.

2. Change status of a workorder to 'Finished' before invoicing. Set company preference (Edit-->Preferences) to 'Finish work order when invoiced'

3. Receive items even with no vendor Bill. Enter the quantities based on the packing list received from thevendor. You can enter the vendor bill # and exact cost later.

4. Do not allow status forcing in work order company preference (Edit--> Preferences)

5. Do not allow negative inventory in shipping company preference (Edit--> Preferences)

6. Do not invoice the same order from a Ship Doc and from a Work Order. If you are using sales ordersand ship docs to ship and invoice, only use the work order to track productionand 'Finish' items.

How to find the problem:

1. From within QuickBooks open Reports --> Inventory --> Inventory Valuations Summary;

2. Double click the appropriate item;

3. Change Dates to 'All';

4. Review the transactions to determine why there are more negative than positives.

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"Why quantities are different in NC and QB"

From time to time the quantity of and item shown in the 'Available' on the Inventory List in NumberCruncher may be different that the 'On Hand' column on the item list in QuickBooks. The following are the reconciling items:

1. Receivers not yet into QuickBooks.

2. Ship Docs not yet in QuickBooks.

3. Quantities in locations designated as unavailable.

4. Components 'InProduction'.

5. Adjustments not yet inQuickBooks.

To see the details of what is in 'Available', from the InventoryList (List --> Inventory Items), check the items with a checkmark and then fromthe bottom of the list, do Reports--> Inventory Status Details.