Webinar - Emailing in All Orders



Webinar Notes - Emailing in All Orders

  • All Orders can potentially replace your Outlook setup.
  • We can send emails directly from All Orders without being hooked into your Outlook or Gmail accounts.
  • Preferences > General > My Preferences > Email
    • From Email, Name, Always CC, Always BCC, Signature Settings
  • Preferences > Sales Orders
    • Prompt user to email document when new changes are saved
    • Use the email address on file for the shipping address instead of the billing address when emailing forms
    • Features Tab > Enable Email Picker
      • With this turned on you have access to contacts under a customer's info
      • You can set up a new contact for a customer just to send them an email from an order or a shipping document
      • When you go to send an email it will show a pop-up that lets you pick which email addresses to utilize.
        • These are all populated from the contacts under the customer.
        • You can set specific contacts so that they are the default for invoices / shipping / receiving
      • Contacts can be set to inactive/active
    • We can set up a Catch-All customer so that any email addresses will always show up in the email picker that you'd like. Contact support to get this set up!
  • Preferences > Email
    • Send in HTML format
      • The system has the capability to allow you design a nice looking HTML email
    • Uncheck HTML format if you want to just send plain-text emails
  • Lists > Profile Lists > Sales > Custom Messages
    • Originally created for internal memos in the system
    • Allows you to setup canned templates and emails for your customers
    • Set a Note Abbreviation
    • Set a Custom Subject
    • Within the Template/Body section there are specific placeholders or tokens that fill in automatically with information from the Document you are emailing from.
    • Use this KB Article to reference all the tokens you can add:
    • Create auto-filling Sales Receipt Emails / Invoice Emails and more
    • You can set which documents correspond to which email templates.
  • Batch Emails
    • Head to your Sales Order / Purchase Order / Ship Doc Lists
    • Check all the Documents you wish to batch email
    • Right Click and choose Send Email
  • Preferences > Shipping
    • Auto email ship doc form when a ship doc is marked as shipped
      • Select the Form to send
    • It will automatically fire off when that status is changed
  • Preferences > Folders
    • Set up your folders to have a central repository for all the attachments and emailed reports
    • You can select to retain copies of all emailed documents
    • Set it up on a network drive for all employees you wish to have access.
  • Integrate with MailChimp or other Email Platforms

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