Active X error after install

If you have installed AllOrders and you are getting an ACTIVE X error when trying to open the program, please see the below steps to resolve.

Make sure that you do NOT have any anti-virus or anti-malware programs running.

If you do have any of these programs running please disable them temporarily. uninstall AllOrders, re-download and reinstall the AllOrders. Do NOT turn the antivirus back on until you have successfully installed and opened AllOrders.

Here is a list of common anti-virus programs that interfere with the install:

1. Avast

2 Norton

3. Kaspersky

4. AVG

5. Bit Defender

6. Sophos

7. McAfee

8. Symantec

9. AdAware

If there are no Anti-virus programs installed, you can try manually registering the.dll file

1. Close All Orders

2. Browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64

3. Locate the cmd.exe file.  Right click on this file and select run as administrator.

4. Copy this command regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\NumberCruncher\All Orders\AOLib6.dll"

5. Go to Menu-->edit--> paste in the command

6. press ENTER to run the command. You should received a message that the file was registered successfully.

If you do not receive this message, please contact NumberCruncher Support 866-278-6243 X 815