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Webinar Notes - All Orders - All Orders Web / B2B Selling Channel


  • All Orders Web
    • More Info about it:
    • Try it out right here:
    • Can be set up under your domain, under a web address you own
    • Can view Sales Orders and Quotes that have been created in the system via the Sales Tab
    • You can setup an account for your customers to login, you can set what they see and what they can control
    • You can create customers straight from the system in the Sales tab
    • A sales rep can manually create a Sales Order from the system
    • The Company Preferences in All Orders web only controls things within AO Web, it doesn't change your All Orders preferences
    • Within the configuration you can set what the customers see and what your sales rep see separately
    • Sales Orders & Quotes can be printed out by your customers, the system creates a PDF for them.
    • In the Admin section you can set up Categories for each of your Items and you can set certain Customers to particular categories as well
    • The Item List can be configured to show or hide quantities
    • Users and Roles can be set up for every one of your users with what they are able to do within the system
  • Questions Answered
    • The second you make any changes to AO Web those changes will reflect within All Orders
      • They share a database
      • It is web hosted and you have access to all the source code
      • Hosted on your own server/machine
      • Controlled by your company
    • There is the ability to see purchasing and manufacturing parts in this interface, but it requires you to contact us for your use case
    • Sales reps do not need an extra license in this interface, the main purchase price of AO Web covers this
    • There is a Lost Password link on the login for customers who need to reset their login information
    • If you have custom use-cases or need something done that it seems like AO Web doesn't do out of the box, let us know, we can assist
    • The quantities a customer sees comes from the Available Qty, so if you have it set up in All Orders to include In Transit, that's what will show in AO Web.
      • If you need the quantity in AO Web to show up differently, we can tweak those rules
    • Customers can see Assembly Items even if they are not made using the Can Make field.
      • We can customize it and have options for that
    • If you need to limit it so that the Item Search only shows Quantities from a particular Location, we can set it up that way for you
  • Order Time B2B

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