How BOMs and Work Orders work with Subcontractors

Here is an example of how BOMs and Work Orders work with Subcontractors:

Question: We bring certain components in as bare steel components. They are for example in our inventory as part # 1000. We then send these components out to another supplier to have them chrome plated. When we bring them back in, the system needs to move them from part # 1000 to part # 1000CR in which this new part number has the chrome plate on the steel part.

How do I handle this with a supplier so they go out the door as one part number and come back in as another? Purchase order, work order?

Answer: You will need to create a bill of materials for the example part 1000CR.

The finished item’s Bom will look like the following:

Step 1 / Location
Pull component from inventory / HQ

Part 1000 *On the Work Order, select serial number if applicable.

Step 2 / Location
Send to Supplier / Create a Supplier location

If there is a service charge, add it here. In the work order, under Activities, you can create a linked PO and receive to pay for the service.

Step 3 / Location
Return to HQ / HQ

No Component

Now the finished item will be updated in AO. *If the finished item is serialized, you will have to assign the serial number under DetailsLot/Serials #s. Make sure in the menu Company, Preference, Lot/Serial #s, and Duplicates tab, select “Do not Allow Duplicates and Allow duplicate if different item.”