Doc already exists in Quickbooks with a matching reference #

This message will show if All Orders finds what it thinks is a duplicate of the document that is being recorded in Quickbooks. There are a few options for dealing with this message.

-If the document does in fact already exist in Quickbooks you can either mark the existing document in All Orders as being NC Only since there is already a copy of it in Quickbooks or the existing document can be deleted in Quickbooks and the current All Orders document can be recorded again and the message should no longer show.

-If a document exists with that reference # but is not a duplicate the message can be bypassed. To bypass the message open the individual document generating the message and click the button to record it in Quickbooks. Now a pop up will show with the same message asking if you want to override it.

-If you do not want to be warned about potential duplicate documents at all a preference can be turned on to suppress these messages. Log into All Orders as the admin, go to the Company menu, Preferences, Quickbooks Synchronization, Advanced tab, Do not warn about duplicate transactions should be checked.