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Block a document from opening if another user is already editing it
It is frustrating to complete a bunch of laborious line by line work in a Work Order, Sales Order, Ship Doc, etc. then click on Save only to be told that another user has made changes to that same document so you are out of luck. We would love to have a notification upon opening a document, if another user already has it open. This could be either a complete lock-out until the other user is finished, or maybe an option to open the document as "read-only" similar to Excel or Word docs.
Date opened: 4/26/2012

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More Fields Available in Report Writer
More access to the complete database within the Report Writer.
Date opened: 11/12/2012

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Print Multiple Forms
The ability to select multiple forms for printing would be very helpful. We currently need to individually select four different forms and print them separately. We need all four forms for each order and being able to print them as a "batch" would be very helpful.
Date opened: 6/1/2012

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Pop-Up Prompts
It would be very useful if we had the ability to create pop-up prompts when a customer's profile is opened.
Date opened: 1/20/2012

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YTD AND previous year sales and purchases on item info
In order to have a better overview of sales & purchasing history, I would like to add the previous year's (or trailing 12 months) sales & purchases to the item info screen.
Date opened: 2/2/2012

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Vendor Price Level
Use the volume price levels within the purchasing tab on the item to specify pricing discount on quantity volume. Also show on PO/Reorder analysis a drop down for cost (like the price on the sales order)
Date opened: 7/25/2012

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Making custom fields visible without clicking on dropdown
Can make it available whereby we could make selected custom fields visible without having to click on the Custom Fields link? For example: We have a custom field for sales channel. I would like to see that every time I open a Sales Order. Currently, a lot of our reps don't select a sales channel because they forget to click on the link.
Date opened: 4/29/2013

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Credit Check
We like the option to check credit when saving a sales order, but it would be nice to only check if a customer is over their credit limit. When the order entry people see the credit check after every order, they eventually click through it without reading it.
Date opened: 5/7/2012

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Emailed form date.
I would like to see a date field that would be displayed after a form has been emailed. This would at least help to identify if the email button has been pressed on a purchase order or invoice. I would also like to see the emailed date in the list so I could see if I have missed sending a purchase order or invoice. etc.
Date opened: 6/14/2012

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Select which ship dates/ship to addresses to ship after clicking fill
If a sales order has multiple ship dates or ship to addresses for the line items the system will open the batch shipping screen after clicking Fill so the user can select which ship dates and ship to address to ship. In this case a screen would pop up after Fill is clicked allowing the user to select to continue to the batch shipping screen, or to select which ship date/address to ship, leading directly to the ship doc screen.
Date opened: 2/24/2012

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Highlighted current line in documents when editing
Currently, when you are scrolling down/up through long documents in order to revise it against your vendor invoices, you get lost not knowing what is the highlighted line since there are only two colors gray and white. It would very helpful to highlight the current line in a different color: light blue, light yellow or any other color that help locate visually in which line you are standing.
Date opened: 7/24/2012

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View Qty Available on Item Entry Drop-down
When entering items on a Quote or Sales Order, would like to be able to see available quantity in the drop down so we don't have to keep switching between the Item List and the document.
Date opened: 6/29/2012

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Fulfillment tracking
Would like status levels assigned to each phase of the fulfillment process., e.g., packing slip printed not yet shipped, order shipped not yet billed, etc. Right now we have to check the Shipped box to tell us that a packing slip has printed & been sent to the warehouse, but this messes up end of line fulfillment processes.
Date opened: 10/4/2012

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Fill Sales Order from Sales Order List
Add funcionality to Sales Orders List: Being able to click on an specific SO and right click to chose Fill
Date opened: 4/27/2012

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Auto select newly created ship-to address
When creating a new customer or ship-to address from the sales order screen, it should be automatically selected once you return to the sales order. Currently, the default ship-to address remains selected when you return to the sales order.
Date opened: 2/13/2012

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Show Manufacturer part number on Purchase Order
I would like to not only have our part number display but the manufactureres part number as well, when entering a purchase order. It would be nice to have the ability to select the columns to appear on a new Purchase Order screen.
Date opened: 8/17/2012

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Month end cut-off date option
Need to be able to enter a cut-off date for month end.
Date opened: 6/29/2012

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Select Email Address Based on Report
It appears that when you want to Email a confirmation of a Sales Order to a customer by clicking the Email button (while editing the Sales Order), it defaults to the Billing Contact Email address. We want it to use a different email address (default Shipping contact email address).
Date opened: 2/11/2013

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Separate reorder points for different warehouses.
We have several different warehouses and the current problem we have is the reorder point is based of the total of all warehouses but then I can tell which warehouse need to be refilled. It would be nice to set minimums on hand for each warehouse so we can just run a report and see what he location needs.
Date opened: 7/18/2012

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Add preference option to NOT allows for duplicate tabs to open
Add a preference "ON/OFF" to the program to not allow for duplicate tabs to be opened. Example, you can press "Item List" as many times as you want and the software will keep generating new tabs which get annoying and clutters up the screen when it should just take you to the one that was opened thus you only have one tab open for each item i.e. PO, SO, Home, etc. We have run into bugs and other issues too where multiple tabs of the same type were opened when making modifications to one of them, this new preference option will help get rid of this problem.
Date opened: 8/28/2012